Make Yourself at Home

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Posted: March 27th 2012

Make Yourself at Home is a programme of five interwoven art interventions taking place along Fore Street on the A1010 Edmonton.

Artillery will be exploring the devices people use to create a sense of welcome in their own home and extend the charm of that welcome to Fore Street’s public spaces, local businesses and street furniture whilst sharing stories of contemporary and historic homemaking. A hundred artists’ open houses in miniature will occupy multiple public sites. The spinning a yarn homepage will capture the language of home making, and stories of previous residents will be revived and shared in performances and commemorative plaques.  

The following creative projects interweave to create a short season of home grown art; playfully installed in unexpected settings to surprise the passer-by and art lover.

Exhibition dates 27th April – 27th May.
Full programme details available on the projects own website.

Bird Box Avenue
100+ bird boxes are being distributed to artists and residents of Edmonton, Enfield and further afield to embellish, re-model, decorate and occupy with their response to our theme of make yourself at home. The completed bird boxes will be collected in mid-April and installed in public sites inside and out along Fore Street. Follow this link to take part in Bird Box Avenue.

The Street of Blue Plaques
Using census material and commemorative blue plaques, local residents will be able to acknowledge the previous residents and businesses that occupied Fore Street.

Spinning a Yarn
Stories of home making shared in participative craft workshops will be collated in an online story depository. The Spinning a Yarn homepage will be live from 21 April.

Where to, please?
A performance piece on the buses. The tram conductor meets passengers at bus stops and on board local buses, passing the time chatting about friends, family and local characters from his bygone era.

Sitting Around
Esther Neslen’s life size sculptures of two boys are very much at home Sitting Around on the wall in Fore Street letting the time pass.


Make Yourself at Home is supported by an A1010 commission awarded by London Borough of Enfield Cultural Services, funded by the Outer London Fund, GLA.

Make Yourself at Home is a collaboration led by Artillery in partnership with six principle artists: poet Penny Rutterford, textile artist Carolyn Abbott, visual artist Danny Coope, photographer and graphic designer Paul Lindt, writer and games creator Dave Dow, sculptor Esther Neslen.

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