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Juliet Jensen

I am an artist and an aerialist. I trained in Fine Art at Kingston University, then went on to train in trapeze and other aerial at The Hangar and the Circus Space. I have exhibited at the Inspired Art Fair Prelude events, FotoFeast (Alternative Arts), The Residence Gallery, e7arts and worked with the Island Project in 2006. I have performed trapeze at Glastonbury, The Place (Resolution 07), Jacksons Lane Theatre, The Circus Space and at various events and cabarets.

I work with the human body - I teach Life Drawing classes and use aerialists in my photography. My trapeze is an exploration of my own body, what its limits are, what it can do and how it can grow.

I want to physically explore the theatre space, looking at movement and stillness. I am interested in how the body interacts with the space, outside the normal methods of walking, sitting etc. and where it is physically possible to reach or get to, what you can climb in, or fit inside. This work is about detachment from the everyday. How you can be in the world, but apart from it, how you can have a different perspective. I am also interested in how costume would change the interaction with the space because it would change how I move or feel. I will be documenting the movements and process with photography.

I also want to make books. Small, hand bound personal objects that show a journey, or tell a story. I want to look at different methods of binding, and then explore what to put inside that will show the journey I will have gone through in the space.




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