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'Some Kind of Hack Space'

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A space for autonomous creative exploration with technology

For neurodiverse young people age 14-25

A space where you can bring your own ideas and projects, try some experiments with electronics and coding, and join the workshops with a different guest artist each session.

We had funding for 3 initial sessions to test the Hack Space idea. We're now busy applying for funding to continue the project.

You can see our report below on how the pilot project went.


Image courtesy Dave Darch, Lead Artist

We are working on our pilot project report and sharing our findings here:

The information below was shared with young people and parents to sign up for the pilot...

What is it?

Some Kind of Hack Space is a project space for neurodiverse young people to experiment, test out creative ideas, and meet up. 

We offer a 6 hour session for you to:  

  • Work on your own creative projects

  • Try out activities on offer throughout the day

  • Join a more structured but relaxed 2 hour workshop led by a guest artist 

Workshops will include creating scenery for table top role playing games, VR painting and making inclusive musical intruments.


You can bring your own creative projects to get on with. You might for example want to code, animate, knit, write music...just let us know what you're thinking of doing in the sign up form. You will have access to some equipment, computers and drawing materials.

Artists and technicians will be available to assist you with your projects if you need them. They have lots of skills they can share with you including coding and electronics, making music, animation, filmmaking, using a camera, fabric construction, mathematical origami and crochet!


Who is it for?

Some Kind of Hack Space has been designed in particular for neurodivergent young people with a special interest in creativity, technology, art, design and making. ​We welcome young people, with diagnosed or self assessed neurodivergent conditions. 

Joining something new can be quite daunting, so we want you to know that this is a space designed with you in mind and somewhere you can take things at your own pace. We are excited to learn what interests you. We won't insist you join in or ask you to show your work to everyone, but if you'd like to, please do!


There will be a maximum of 30 young people over the day. Activities will be set up in different rooms and there will be additional quiet spaces to relax.

When is it?

​10am-4pm on:

  • Saturday 24 June

  • Saturday 1 July

  • Saturday 15 July 

Some Kind of Hack Space will be open from 10am-4pm.

You can book a space for the day but arrive and leave when you want to.

You can also book an additional 2 hour workshop with a guest artist at 12.30pm. 

Where is it?

  • Leyton Sixth Form College, Essex Road, Leyton, London, E10 6EQ

Leyton Sixth Form College are collaborating with us to make their venue available on a Saturday and when the main college building is quiet.

Other Stuff

  • It's free

  • Parents, carers and siblings are welcome to come along and support you, join in the activities or wait for you in the foyer

  • We will have some snacks, but do bring your own food and drinks  

  • We will take our lunchbreak at 12pm for 30mins but you can break when you like

Activities include:

Information for parents, carers, volunteers and supporters...

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Can you help us make it happen?


Does this project strike a chord?

Do you think you can volunteer or support the project in some way?

We'd love to hear from you.

Please get in touch via the form below.

Or you can support us through the Buy Me a Coffee scheme and Easy Fundraiser. Funds raised go towards our project overheads and paying artists.


Thank you.


Get in Touch

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Thanks for getting in touch!

DRAFT Project Outcomes


The Hack Space aims to:

  • celebrate difference and offer a neuroaffirming experience for all participants

  • build on existing skills and special interests of neurodivergent participants by accessing specialist technologies and spending time with experts

  • build confidence among neurodivergent participants in their skills;

  • build confidence of neurodivergent participants to be active changemakers to inform service provision;

  • build confidence of neurodivergent participants to try new things in shared spaces;

  • equip neurodivergent participants with practical, social and intellectual experiences to help prepare them for the transition to adulthood

What is Some Kind of Hack Space?
A monthly 'hack space' aimed at neurodiverse 14 - 25 year olds with a special interest in creative uses for technology and design technology activities or practice.

A relaxed supportive environment in which neurodiverse young people can explore their own creative ideas supported by a regular coordinator, and freelance technicians with expertise in neurodivergent conditions and youth work.

An extended day-long session that allows young people to arrive and settle in at their own pace, with up to 6 hours to explore their ideas and special interests.

A 2 hour workshop or demonstration delivered by a visiting artist or person working in technology to offer a more structured part of the day and to introduce new ideas and opportunities.

Somewhere that gives access to specialist equipment and expertise for experiments outside of formal education.

A programme devised in response to attendees interests, recruiting visiting artists, designers, scientists, engineers etc. from diverse backgrounds, and including recent graduates.

Offers 'low demand' social opportunities for young people who may experience social anxiety and isolation. By this we mean, an opportunity to work alongside like minded people, perhaps working on independent projects, and without a requirement to join in or present their work.

For up to 30 young people a day, parents and siblings are welcome to support their young people in settling in and to join in with the activities themselves.​

Who we are:
I’m Laur
a Kerry, co-director of Artillery CIC, I love creative projects where art and science collide, and I’m part of a neurodiverse family. Artillery is an arts organisation in Waltham Forest. You may have heard of some of the events that we are best known for producing such as the E17 Art Trail, The Mile Long Street Party, Grandad’s Island, or High Street ADVENTures? Behind the scenes we also run a programme of artist support and creative learning opportunities. 

Some Kind of Hack Space was conceived because of my family's experience, and is combined with my passion in my work for creating supportive environments in which artists can experiment and collaborate. I imagine Some Kind of Hack Space having an energy a bit like an artist's studio, or a co-working space, somewhere young people can work on their projects at their own pace, but alongside their peers to experiment, and to share and grow their ideas. A calm, concentrated social and creative space, but without any expectations to socialise in a particular way or to perform or present your work, unless you want to! 

We are really excited to be collaborating with lead artist, musician and creative technologist Dave Darch. Dave brings his creative expertise as well as his experience devising projects for disabled children. He is currently the Digital Ambassador at Big Creative Education where he is delivering ‘Hackathons’ for students in the next couple of weeks We will benefit from him bringing some of these experiments to Some Kind of Hack Space. Alongside Dave Darch and Artillery’s Laura Kerry and Morag Mcguire we will invite technicians and guest artists to support the sessions and introduce different ideas and skills.

Dave Darch

I'm a teacher of creative coding, music, and animation in schools. I love seeing how these artforms can spark imagination and bring ideas to life.

I often work creatively with disabled adults and children. Apart from teaching in SEND settings, one of the ways I do this is through my work with Drake Music DMLab, where we build custom-made musical instruments for disabled people. It's incredible to see how music and technology can come together to break down previously disabling barriers to music making.

And when I'm not in the classroom or at DMLab, you can find me running hackathons for young people and adults. These events are all about teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving - and of course, having fun while we're at it.

So, if you're interested in coding, animation, music, or just want to try something new, I'd love for you to join us. It's all about exploring, creating, and learning together. Let's see what we can create!



Pilot project funded by Foundation for Future London as 1 of 17 Collaborative Commissions as part of the Connecting People & Places Fund, co-funded by City of London

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